I started my coaching sessions in October 2013 with Mrs. Neo Menwe; at that stage I had so many doubts in all areas of my life. Whenever I would think of an idea the first thing I thought of was always the negatives results. I had a very negative attitude, lacked confidence in my abilities and underestimated myself.
    Neo would always motivate and encourage me, she helped (to reveal) the great qualities that were within me waiting to be discovered and used. She assisted me in building my confidence and to have a positive attitude in all aspects of life. To this day I can say I have plenty of confidence. I constantly overcome negative thoughts, always think positively and reach out for whatever my heart desires.
    She always comes up with the best suitable, convenient solutions to problems and obstacles that I had in reaching my goal. She made the necessary resources available to me to help work towards my goal and achieve it.
    She provided guidance, was very patient with me and non-judgemental.
    I continue to be highly motivated to live by and carry out my goals.
    Thank you and continue sharing your passion.



    I have Neo as my coach from March 2013. Each coaching session was so special. It helped me understand myself better and made be a better person. From the very beginning, I have found that Neo has the natural ability to listen to people, inspire them and motivate them without judging. I looked forward to each session with bated breath because I knew there was something that was going to take me closer to achieving my goal.
    The entire coaching session was a wonderful experience.

    The lessons that I have learnt and the different tools and techniques that Neo provided me with helped to understand my world a lot better and gave me new lenses in which I see to carry out my day to day experiences.

    Thank you Neo.



    Neo has been my coach since August 2014; she has helped me to grow my confidence and to find purpose for my life. Communication with family, friends and work colleagues has improved as a result of a clearer understanding of my beliefs, values and rules.
    I no longer have fear of asking for assistance, but rather I am challenged to grow.

    I am free of the stress involved in trying to control or change situations and people. I know that only I can attempt to change me, and through this, hope for a positive change in others. Coaching has encouraged me to dream again and to keep on trying as I can only succeed if I am willing to try.

    Thank you for allowing me to know you and for helping me to become aware of who I am.



    Before I met Neo as my coach, I was trapped in my own world, dying inside, everything seemed to be falling apart, thinking that nothing will ever come right and that I will never be who I wish I could be; I could see how others could live happy and fulfilling lives. But I couldn't make it happen for myself. Nobody noticed my suffering. Neo was the person who really heard me and helped me to fulfil my desires. It was challenging at the beginning as I was not sure if I will actually reach my goals but Neo was there to listen, analyse my situation in order to find an appropriate way to assist me.

    Now, I have an overwhelming feeling of confidence, joy, peace and calm and a solid feeling of I'm where I should be. I have developed a sense of wisdom and maturity which enables me to do anything I put my heart and mind to, I know I would not have been able to do it without Neo. I also feel that my relationships and connections with people around me have grown in such a deep way and it is so overwhelming.

    Neo always mentioned "you can do this", "You can control your emotions", "You can choose and decide to be happy all the time", "You can be who you want to be", and and and... She is enthusiastic and has a generous spirit, which is a precious example of how life will express itself joyfully and uninhibited when we allow it. Her energy seems endless, and it is my impression that because of her wide open connection to the foundation of it all is with her vibrant example and sense of focus that she provided an incomparable feeling of unconditional support and showed me ways to 'open my own channel' to experience this exciting flow first hand. Even when not meeting with her I can feel her heart still hard at work sending unseen messages of "You Are Able and God's Light Will Shine Upon You!" to those all around her in 'heart-to-heart' communication. She is a gift to my world - Thank you Neo,

    May the Good Lord Bless You Abundantly.