Coaching Programmes

  • MIRROR LIVING PURPOSEFULLY offers the benefit of the structured and practical 13-session programme (a 6 month programme; meeting every fortnight). The client (YOU) is coached through a step-by-step programme and you know right from the onset what to expect from each coaching session. The content of the programme is enriching and inspiring and focuses, not only on achieving practical goals and milestones, but also on the client’s personal development (i.e. discovering your life purpose).


    The Coaching Programme covers the following 8 Life areas:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Health
  3. Family/ Social
  4. Vocation/ Work
  5. Spiritual
  6. Emotional
  7. Partner
  8. Money


Here’s what you have to look forward to in this programme…

  1. Goals – the building blocks of success
  2. Resources and Milestones – essential stepping stones to your goals
  3. Beliefs – how your beliefs move you closer to success
  4. Motivation – breaking down negative beliefs and rebuilding the positive
  5. Values – adopting a value structure for ultimate success
  6. Rules - uncover your hidden rules and always feel good
  7. The Six Human Needs – which ones do you need met?
  8. Communication & Projection - all communication is projection
  9. Responsibility – the foundation for freedom
  10. Questions – the answer to everything
  11. Long-Term Goals – what would you really love to do?
  12. Purpose – true meaning in life
  13. Celebration time!


Method of Coaching - Face to Face (F2F)

Life coaching (1-on-1 Approach): coaching for growth and development (in all areas of life). I am truly passionate about coaching people and am fully committed to help you to get to where you desire to be, do, have and give.


Benefits of living purposefully


Living a balance and harmonized purposeful life [Spirit; Soul and Body]
Growth [continuous and sustainable growth]
Contribute to the society
Joyful & Peaceful life [through different seasons of life]